Phil Garing is the founder and Managing Director of Synapsys
Phil GaringWith a background in law and tertiary education, Phil has been leading thought in the learning and development space across Government, commercial and educational organisations for over 20 years.
SynapsysHis extensive portfolio of clients and projects demonstrates a rare ability to cut to the chase in understanding what an organisation is trying to achieve. His diverse experience across multiple sectors and organisation types also means he’s valued for his ability to identify likely challenges and solutions. His ability to build relationships that promote effective results sees Synapsys delivering over repeat engagements.

Phil has a particular passion for embedding change management in learning design, and seizing the moment with technology rollouts to change how people approach their jobs. He is a clear thinker, whose judgement is valued by a growing network of senior managers throughout New Zealand, and a strategic motivator who has delivered successful solutions across mixed teams, including third party contractors operating in sensitive change environments. He has a particular interest in Return on Investment (ROI), and effectiveness measurement.