Nigel Wilson

Founder and Managing Director, Linrock Software

WalkThru – Software for efficiently creating Visual Instructions for Business 

WalkThru, the secret to creating awesome docs, really fast.  Purpose built Windows software for fast production of QRCs, Standard Operating Procedures, Training Materials and other user friendly visual knowledge assets for print, presentation and online.  Quickly transfer the knowledge of your Subject Matter Experts and IT professionals into precise, easy to follow and reusable documents.

In this session you will learn how to create better looking documentation in half the time:
– Simply and easily screen capture some
– Automatically create SCORM, instructions and quick reference guides

Nigel Wilson is the managing director of Sydney based Linrock Software. He founded Linrock in 2014 to design and develop “WalkThru”, a software application for rapid knowledge capture and automatic content formatting.

An IT professional for the better part of 3 decades he has worked for large US organisations such as Lotus and Adobe as well as founding three previous businesses in the fields of eLearning, training and software consultancy. He has a broad range of skills and experience including corporate sales, training, support, implementation, solution design, software development and management.

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