Leveraging your Learning Management System for long term success with Phil Garing, Managing SynapsysDirector Synapsys Ltd (Gold Sponsor)

The debate on whether you need a Learning Management System (LMS) is largely over. The question now is to how best leverage it across the organisation, through a continuous cycle of change. The issues are complex but there is, in fact, a typical maturity model most organisations move through. Understanding and planning for that evolution is central to making good decisions, especially in an environment of change and uncertainty. So too is understanding that the LMS is not an end in itself, it’s simply a tool to achieve your objectives. In this session, Phil will explore:

  • The maturity model that is repeatedly played out in organisations
  • What the maturity model means in terms of really leveraging your system
  • Applying the model to everyday Learning Management System challenges and opportunities
  • Exploring what’s around the corner on the LMS pathway


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