Learning Curation – Elliott Masie

Elliott MasieElliott Masie will address the opportunity, challenge and evolution of Learning Curation. In this age of agile content – designers, subject matter experts and learners value assistance in getting to the “just right” content for their needs now.

How does the designer select the right TED video for a program from the 10,000 that are available? How does the Subject Matter Expert select the right chart or document to illustrate a new procedure. And, how does the learner decide which content is the best for their needs now?

Curation is the skill and art of harvesting content from a wide set of sources and providing a selection/valuation model based on design and performance requirements? Curation is growing as a significant skill for learning producers and designers.

Elliott Masie will address the changing nature of Curation and then respond to several questions about Learning Trends in 2015.

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