Global learning trends in technology with international keynote Nigel Paine

Nigel PaineAre we entering a new age, like the Economist says, that is as transformational as the introduction of the printed book, the clock and the internal combustion engine?

Do we have to rethink all of our assumptions about the relationship of technology to learning?

Well yes and no!

Anyone who thinks that all the technology they need is in their LMS, as it neatly delivers and measures page-click eLearning, is frankly naive. But maybe the revolution needs our help to get started in many companies. Perhaps the learning teams will end up not just changing learning, but the whole work ecosystem as well. And to do that they will need to embrace other technologies apart from learning technologies.

If this intrigues you then join the debate. We may be having the most important discussion of the year in defining our career trajectory or just sitting there bemused and confused as it all kicks off around us!

I will explain:

  • How to get engaged in the debate
  • What is at stake
  • And what the key issues are

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