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In 2013 Rustica Lamb and friends at the time were lamenting the fact that there was no dedicated elearning conference in New Zealand.

The solution was simple, they decided to create one and eLearnz was born.

The first eLearnz event was in 2013 which saw a crowd of 50 come together at the North Harbour Stadium. It was run again in 2015 as a bi annual conference with international learning guru, Nigel Paine as MC. This time over 100 turned up. In 2016, the hugely successful two day eLearnz eLab was created for L&D Practitioners to come along and learn hands on, low cost and free tools to help them create engaging elearning. Both the eLearnz conference and eLab are now yearly events on the calendar.

Rustica and her team continually scan learning and development trends and technologies globally to ensure they bring the latest in technology to the eLearnz events. We also like to have fun, so there’s plenty of competitions with great prizes.

eLearnz 18 sees a change in format as a virtual Web Summit, with an optional live day pass, that brings together the world’s top learning tech speakers. In a world where the rapid pace of technology change affects all industries, the way we learn and adapt to that change is fundamental to our successful future. Bloom Learning Technologies continually scans learning and development trends and technologies around the world to ensure you get the latest tech, tools and thought leaders at eLearnz to drive best practice L&D in New Zealand.

eLearnz has been organised by the awesome Bloom team.


Founder & Director

Rustica is a learning designer, edupreneur, facilitator and founder of Bloom Learning (2012). She is also co-founder of the first New Zealand Green School (2016). She designs learning experiences and spaces which are engaging, affirming, empowering and inspiring.
Rustica travels and searches the world for the best people, tools and technology and brings them to New Zealand so that we can all share in the latest trends that make our world and workplaces a better place to be.


General Manager

Nicki is responsible for the day-to-day running of Bloom Learning. and ensures that everything (and everyone!) is in order. She is also in charge of our Events schedule including eLearnz conference and eLab.
Nicki is a grounded positive manager who leads with an empathetic style and can always be counted on to ‘go the extra mile with a smile’.


Business Development Manager

Garry’s key role is to develop lasting relationships with our clients and to raise brand awareness of Docebo in New Zealand.
He is pivotal in the sales process ensuring everything runs smoothly from needs assessments and demonstrations through to implementations. Our clients value his expert advice.

eLearnz Web Summit

25 September


Join us for eLearnz Web Summit, either virtually or live at Vodafone HQ in Auckland – you’ll be surrounded by learning and development professionals from all industries, ready to share their success stories and advice. Get ready to connect, inspire and be inspired.

Venue: Vodafone HQ, Arena Room, Smales Farm, 74 Taharoto Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Click here for information on eLearnz Web Summit 25th September

Virtual Web Summit

The virtual Web Summit consists of five international speakers throughout the day. You can watch as many as you like or register to watch all 5. Each session also allows for interactive Q&A. All sessions will be recorded so if you are unable to make it on the day please do register as the recording will be sent to all attendees.

Live Day Pass

The Web Summit live day is an opportunity for the NZ learning and development community to come together to watch the latest in digital learning trends and case studies. This will be held at Vodafone HQ where you will be immersed in big screens. There will be plenty of time for conversation and collaboration that will inspire and invigorate as well as lots of fun to be had, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get face to face with your peers and learn from these amazing speakers!

Don’t miss the most exciting L&D event of 2018 for inspiration and skill building to grow your own career.

Keynote Speaker: Nigel Paine

Why learning then won’t be like learning now: welcome to the BIG DISRUPTION

We will look back on our so-called learning age with astonishment and amazement! How could most people put up with so little for so long? Imprecise, content focussed and tedious learning, forced into formal programmes, that are never repeated, with no measure of impact apart from ‘did you enjoy this?’ nonsense.

The big disruption will be around personalised learning, personalised for every single person but visible to the company as a dashboard that will reveal the pain points and progress across the organisation as a whole. So targeted, just enough and just when needed. This will be a complete transformation. And I will explain much, much more in the session.

Nigel headed up the BBC’s training and development operation, where he built one of the most successful learning and development operations in the UK. This included an award-winning leadership programme, state-of-the-art informal learning, e-learning and knowledge sharingm and one of the most outstanding and well-used intranets in the corporate sector. Nigel left the BBC in 2006 to start his own company, which focuses on leadership, creativity, innovation and e-learning. He works with companies in Europe, Brazil, Australia and the US.

Nigel is a Masie Learning Fellow and has written articles and whitepapers on subjects as diverse as ‘creativity in the workplace’, ‘building corporate heroes’ and ‘the future of e-learning’ as well as published several books.

Donald H Taylor

Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute UK

Melissa Milloway

Senior Learning Experience Designer, Amazon

Robin Petterd

Director, Sprout Labs

Eyal Ronen

Chief Learning Evangelist, GamEffective

Web Summit Agenda

2018 learning results and trends (2018 L&D Global Sentiment Survey)
– Keynote Speaker Donald H Taylor, Chairman, The Learning and Performance Institute UK

Donald H Taylor is a recognised commentator and organiser in the fields of workplace learning and learning technologies.

Donald will be sharing the survey results from his annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey on what L&D professionals think will be hot in 2018, with results both globally and from the New Zealand sector. Attendees will receive a copy of the global report.

There are some interesting differences in NZ in trends compared to the rest of the world. Last year personalisation and adapative delivery topped the table, pushing collaborative and social learning into second place. Personalisation is hotter than ever thanks to the possibilities offered by algorithms and artificial intelligence. Microlearning was a hot topic for NZ but that does not mean it is well defined, understood or implemented. VR, AR and AI all featured highly. Are they mature enough to impact mainstream enterprise L&D in 2018?

In the Shadow of Sci-Fi : the Role of New Technology and the Value of Experiences in the 70:20:10 Approach
-Keynote Speaker Melissa Milloway, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Amazon

  • What is xAPI?
  • What is the xAPI Cohort and its benefits?
  • Moodboarding for inspiration
  • A-Frame Virtual Reality framework
  • Enabling VR scenes in A-Frame for xAPI
  • Let’s see it in action!

Melissa Milloway is a senior instructional designer at Amazon, where she specializes in designing and developing digital learning experiences. She was selected as a “30 Under 30” learning leader for Elliott Masie’s Learning 2014 conference and is also an avid tech blogger in the industry. She uses her expertise in digital learning to develop other instructional designers and learning professionals on best practices in the field.

Melisssa spoke at DevLearn 2017 and regularly speaks at a variety of events including in 2018 Learning Tech Day Belgium, PACT and Corporate Learning Analytics.

Artificial intelligence – Changing the way L&D works
– Keynote Speaker Robin Petterd, Director, Sprout Labs

Artificial Intelligence is transforming our workplaces. Robotics, big data, and machine learning are starting to have a profound effect on how we work. There are predictions that 30% to 40% of all current jobs are going be automated in the future. In this session, we’ll explore what the impact of these technologies means for the skills L&D needs to be focusing on now and into the future and how AI can be used in L&D to transform the way we work. The session will include an overview of some of the current L&D tools and platforms that are using AI approaches.

Robin Petterd has a PhD in interactive creative media. He is the founder of Sprout Labs where he helps work organisations to transform how they learn. At the moment, Sprout Labs is working on a new AI based learning analytics platform. He is the host of the Learning While Working podcast and virtual conference and regularly runs webinars and other events.

Gamified personalised micro learning based on learner KPIs – case study, Supercharge eLearning with Gamification and real-time feedback
– Keynote Speaker Eyal Ronen, Chief Learning Evangelist, GamEffective

Using gamification to drive microlearning engagement sounds like a good idea, but companies struggle to figure out where it fits in, asking, “What is gamified microlearning or microlearning engagement anyway?” In this session, we’ll describe the different use cases, explore why push microlearning is interesting, share tips and tricks, show what it looks like, and, most importantly, explain how microlearning can be adapted in real-time based on performance and knowledge.

Eyal Ronen, a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, has been focusing on the world of employee growth for more than two decades. In recent years he has taken a path that investigates and reinforces the human-machine interface to ensure superior e-learning efficacy.

An award-winning professor, an international speaker, and a true Learning Evangelist, Eyal brings a practical approach even to the most academic topics.

Web Summit Pricing


eLearnz Web Summit Tuesday, 25th September 2018

Full day live pass
US$395.00 + $71.75 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot
Virtual Session 1: Nigel Paine - Why learning then won’t be like learning now: welcome to the BIG DISRUPTION.
US$6.75 + $2.35 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot
Virtual Session 2: Donald H Taylor - 2018 learning results and trends (2018 L&D Global Sentiment Survey)
US$6.75 + $2.35 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot
Virtual Session 3: Melissa Milloway - Using xAPI in a VR project - Live case study, Scenes Around Seattle: an A-Frame Virtual Reality Experience Using xAPI
US$6.75 + $2.35 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot
Virtual Session 4: Artificial intelligence - Changing the way L&D works
US$6.75 + $2.35 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot
Virtual Session 5: Eyal Ronen - Gamified personalised micro learning based on learner KPIs - case study, Supercharge eLearning with Gamification and real-time feedback
US$6.75 + $2.35 fee & GSTRegister Your Spot

eLearnz eLab 2018


Wednesday, 26 September 2018

eLearnz eLab Workshop
US$995.00 + $35.32 fee & 154.55 GSTRegister Your Spot


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