Baz Caitcheon

Director, Bazzacam

Storytelling in Video

You will learn how to shoot, edit and upload short video stories in the first part of this session. Then you’ll be let loose on Auckland’s Queen Street (or your preferred spot) to shoot, edit and upload your own credible video in the second part.
The theme is The Matrix so we are going to have some real fun with this!  We’ll provide the red or blue pills and bring along your props for role playing.  The best video will win a SJ HD Sports Cam.

Baz Caitcheon currently leads Bazzacam as a director/producer of video content for an established stable of clients.  Since 2012 he has been training an expanding list of clients in shooting, editing and publishing their own video, on and from their iPhones, ipads and related smart devices.

He brings two backrounds to these services.  Firstly as teacher and media advisor with the Ministry of Education, secondly as  director/producer with New Zealand broadcaster TVNZ. As project manager of TVNZ’s new media startups, his team won the Computerworld ‘Technology Innovator of the Year’ award.  16 years ago Bazzacam Ltd was created to produce video for the emerging online world. Baz continues to produce a range of work in collaboration with clients and production associates.

​Baz is married with 4 children, sails when he gets the chance and plays music.